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Coin Events and News

News & Events in the World of Numismatics

Anybody with news of coin events, proposed major new coin issues, or other coin news is invited to contact us with details for publication.

2000 Millennium Crown Sells for 3,500!
Wednesday 15th November 2000 - A millennium crown, according to the Royal Mint, the first coin minted this millennium, was auctioned for 3,500 by BBC Radio 2 in their Children in Need appeal. Included with the crown was a conducted tour of the Royal Mint.

Two Pound Coin Rumour
There is a silly rumour that 2 coins with the queen wearing a necklet are valuable.
It is not true.
Read more about it.

Tax Free Gold
From January 1st 2000, VAT was abolished on all investment gold in the UK and EU.
This includes all gold sovereigns, half sovereigns, krugerrands and other bullion gold coins.
More details to follow

Bullion 2000 Sovereigns and Halves Issued
For the first time since 1982, the Royal Mint have struck and released ordinary uncirculated bullion gold sovereigns.
The first batches were released from the Royal Mint on January 4th.
Most gold coin dealers now have stock.

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